Happy Hamilton geared up for Singapore success

Lewis Hamilton is targeting back-to-back victories at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Singapore:Lewis Hamilton is targeting back-to-back victories at the Singapore Grand Prix after the Briton professed his love for the city-state, the Marina Bay circuit and a job he declared that was "the best in the world".
Hamilton won the floodlit street race last year and finished third in the scandal-tainted inaugural running in 2008 behind Fernando Alonso, who had benefited from a deliberate crash by then Renault team mate Nelson Piquet.

The McLaren driver lies second in the standings, five points behind Red Bull`s Mark Webber with five races remaining and is confident he can leapfrog his rival with a victory in Sunday`s race on a track that perfectly suits his driving style.

"It`s a street circuit and I love street circuits," the Briton told a small gathering of reporters on Thursday.

"They are the most challenging, the most demanding and the most fun. At a racetrack, you have grass and run off areas... less exciting than here, where it`s just man, machine and a wall.

"You are driving at top speeds and making split second decisions. That`s what makes it special. I love driving here and I love this track. I think it shows. In 2008, I nearly won and would have won if not for the cheating that happened.

"Then in 2009, we didn`t have the best car yet I still managed to win. This year, I feel the car is the best it has ever been."


Compared to the grumpy figure he cut last year, a laidback and animated Hamilton explained how he had improved his preparations for the season`s only night race by keeping his body clock on European time.

"I feel brilliant," added the 25-year-old. "Last time I came here, I arrived on the Tuesday morning and was completely packed out with appearances from the moment I got here. "

"By the time I got in the car on Friday I was absolutely destroyed. I was so angry about it but managed to qualify on pole position and win the race on Sunday.This year, things are different. I came directly here from my home in Switzerland... had lots of sleep, great food and feel really good and positive about the weekend. "

"I`m hoping the weather holds up and we will have a great race."
Continuing in a positive mood, Hamilton spoke of how lucky he feels to be competing in Formula One and how he needs to constantly remind himself of how privileged he is.

"I still have to pinch myself and think there are only 24 of us who get a chance to do this. I think that all the time, when I get in and out of the car.

"I have got the best job in the world. Not even being a fighter pilot is as exciting. "

"It`s absolutely incredible. You get in the car, it`s so fast and so light... it`s such a beast.

"You get in and put the pedal to the metal and it takes off like a rocket. Then you have to tame it... it`s awesome.

"It can catch you out as well which is a special part of it. You really have to be prepared and have your thinking cap on. Especially on a track like this, which is much longer than Monaco but not as narrow.

"But it is spectacular to drive."

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