Haryana Football Association signs MoU with DHF and FICCI

The Haryana Football Association (HFA) on Thursday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dutch Haryana Foundation (DHF) and FICCI.

New Delhi : The Haryana Football Association (HFA) on Thursday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dutch Haryana Foundation (DHF) and FICCI to establish a Centre of Excellence for Soccer (CoES) in the state and to develop, operate and manage football centres and infrastructures.

DHF and FICCI will provide the state football association strategic cooperation.

According to the terms, DHF will establish a consortium of Dutch sports organisations, which will focus on long-term football development programs. ADO Den Haag, Royal Dutch Football Association, Johan Cryuff Institute etc. are going to be some of the organisations.
DHF president Oedith N Jaharia, FICCI`s secretary general Amit Mitra and HFA president Deepender S Hooda signed the MoU in the Federation House.

The three parties have agreed that the selection of probables will be done from various sources including the State Sports and Physical Aptitude Test (SPAT) program, which
has a ready database of 46000 athletes in various age groups.

It has been agreed by the three parties that a two-week pilot program will be conducted to decide the further technical and infrastructural requirements of Haryana to develop the said CoES plans.
Thereafter, HFA and FICCI will invite the technical staff and youth players of ADO The Hague to Haryana. During the two weeks the technical staff of ADO will make further analysis and give advice to the alliance.

FICCI will create awareness about the need for increasing corporate participation in sports at a more fundamental level, which can bring about a difference to India`s medal winning prospects. It will promote and market the concept of SPAT and PPP in sports development during its conferences/ events, coordinate with DHF and HFA to implement this concept and facilitate greater interaction between industry and the government of Haryana to increase industrial participation in sports.

HFA will coordinate with the Haryana Government and, on long-term release, provide stadium infrastructure required to operate the CoES, conduct all related surveys and collect all market information required for the project.

DHF will bring in all necessary knowledge required to impart world class training and coaching towards the operations of the project. It will exclusively work with HFA
and vice versa in the field of football training and coaching, infrastructure management and development in the territory during the term of this MoU.