High heels results in injuries

A new study suggests women who wear high heels are more prone to injuries.

Women who wear high heels are more prone to injuries, a study has found.

Thousands of women have hurt themselves because of their shoes. Many had gone to such extreme lengths to wear stylish shoes that they were taken to hospital after twisting an ankle or tearing a tendon, reports express.co.uk.

Some have fallen flat on their face because of their heels, with many damaging their teeth or breaking a wrist.

A poll of 3,000 women, aged 18-65, found that they also suffered broken ankles and twisted knees due to high heels.

But six in 10 said they would continue to wear killer heels if they were complimented on their footwear during a night out. More than a third said they have had to be helped home because of poorly fitting shoes.

Lisa McCarten, of comfort shoe specialist Hotter Shoes, said: "Women buy shoes that look good, and worry about the pain later."