Human-powered ‘hybrid’ car can clock 30mph uphill

Auto experts have devised a human car that can run at 30mph uphill.

Washington: Imagine a car running without fuel – just on human power of muscle. Well, you don’t have to imagine any more, thanks to a new car that you and your family can ‘row’ at 30mph uphill.

HumanCar Imagine PS (PS stands for power station) is the brainchild of Charles Samuel Greenwood. According to Autoblog Green, the car is street legal, and can be run on human power alone, reports Discovery News.

With electric plug-in capabilities, the car can be run with just one person operating the hand-crank in a rowing-like motion, and with all four persons, it can run on human power alone.

The chassis is adaptable, and can work with different kinds of batteries and technology in the future without requiring an entirely new vehicle.
Despite the physical requirement, the company says online that a senior citizen in decent shape could handle it and paraplegics have made suggestions on adaptability.

Airbags are on the list to be included in future models.

The car can take on hills at 30 miles per hour, exceed 60 mph on flat terrain and is expected to hit the market next year.
It will cost 15,500 dollars when it goes on sale next year, according to the HumanCar site.


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