I don’t consider myself sexy, but very normal: Katrina Kaif

In a freewheeling chat with Zee News` Swati Chaturvedi onKahiye Janab, Katrina Kaif talks at length about her professional and personal life.

One of the finest B-town actresses, Katrina Kaif is the newfound favourite of Bollywood. Given her cherubic looks and delicate frame, Katrina has hit the jackpot with Box Office hits like ‘Namaste London’, ‘Singh Is Kinng’, ‘New York’ and with the more recent money spinner ‘Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani’. The actress can be said to be completely on a roll. Voted as Asia’s sexiest woman and the most searched celebrity on Google, Katrina reigns supreme when it comes to B-town beauty brigade. In a freewheeling chat with Zee News` Swati Chaturvedi onKahiye Janab, Katrina Kaif talks at length about her professional and personal life.

Swati: Once again, welcome to Kahiye Janab. What is Ajab Katrina Ki Ghazab Kahani?

Katrina: (Smiles) Thank you. You see, the beauty about Bollywood is that there are no absolutes. It is an enigma where there are no formulae to success. I always believe that nothing is impossible. My mom often said a Christian verse that goes like - with God, nothing is impossible. Maybe it is the same thing that stayed in my mind whether it was heartbreak or a failure. I don’t get bogged by negativity. I am a focused person who works with dedication.

Swati: Your co-stars often say that you are a hardworking actor.

Katrina: Well, I believe in working hard, positive energy and enthusiasm that often show on-screen.

Swati: You are known to be a bully; both your co-stars Ranbir Kapoor and Neil Nitin Mukesh say so. What’s your take on it?

Katrina: (laughs) There is an old technique in the army i.e. diversion. You see, you need to know both Ranbir and Neil. Even though I am senior to them in Bollywood, but technically speaking, Ranbir is two years elder to me and Neil is three years elder to me. So, they keep coming up with lots of stuff and I am like yes sir.

Swati: How will you compare Akshay Kumar with Neil Nitin Mukesh and Ranbir Kapoor?

Katrina: Akshay is a senior actor, a family man, who has been in the industry for the past twenty years. He comes to work on time and leaves the sets on time. He is a dedicated actor and I have learnt a lot from him. He is like a mentor.

Swati: Akshay is a good actor, yet, when film like ‘Chandni Chowk to China’ came, people said that Akshay is a flop without Katrina. How do you see it?

Katrina: Well, there are certain unkind things about this industry and superstition is one of them. I am religious but not superstitious. Trust me, there will come a day when a film does not work for you. Audience may like a film and sometimes they won’t. In my case, like we worked hard for ‘Yuvvraaj’ so did Akshay in ‘Chandni Chowk to China.’
Swati: Are you playing Sonia Gandhi in ‘Rajneeti’?

Katrina: No I am not playing Sonia Gandhi in ‘Rajneeti’, but yes the soul of the film is politics. It is based on the lives of six characters that are all intertwined. When I first heard the role from Prakash Jha, the director of ‘Rajneeti’, I thanked him for making realistic cinema and giving a critical role to a woman character.

Swati: From glamorous roles, how did you pull off a de-glamorized role for ‘Rajneeti’?

Katrina: I believe that you should be desirable as a person. There is beauty in simplicity. In the film ‘Rajneeti’, I play a normal girl who does not put any appearances and I am much like that in real life.

Swati: How does it feel to be India’s sexiest woman and the most searched name on Google?

Katrina: I’ll share a funny story; recently I was on a holiday with my family in London. I was really tired and some people passed by on an escalator and said that she looks tired and doesn’t appear as she does on-screen. I don’t consider myself sexiest, I consider myself very normal.

Swati: How do you deal with the whole concept of media image?

Katrina: If you are going to live your life through trial by media, then you have to go by the audiences rather than your own likes and dislikes. Okay, they are your fans but there will be a time when you have to do what your heart decides rather than what your audience wants. There are times when you come home and there is nobody around, quite unlike the movie sets. You do feel lonely at times, but at the same time I do feel privileged as there are wonderful people around me.

Swati: There are controversies and links up; there was a Neil Nitin Mukesh controversy and then recent being you as the reason behind Ranbir and Deepika breakup?

Katrina: Neil is a pure soul and he is of my age; we are friends. However, in case of Ranbir, unfortunately it is the nature of the industry. Ranbir and I just did a film together. It is a first love story I have done so far. I have done romantic films earlier, but not an out-and-out love story. I and Ranbir graduated from the Rajkumar Santoshi school. There is no truth in me being behind Ranbir and Deepika breakup. It’s just loose talk.

Swati: What about brand wars?

Katrina: I don’t see it that way. I don’t even know who the top five brand endorsers of the industry are! I just care about the films that I do. There is nothing such as I like to endorse or I don’t want to endorse. I endorse things that I believe in and have confidence in.

Swati: For ‘Rajneeti’ you have worked really hard on your Hindi. Did you ever think you will make it so big in Bollywood?

Katrina: I am working on my Hindi; yet, English is my first language as I am more comfortable while expressing myself in it. However, in Bollywood films it’s a working as we have scripts.

Swati: Rumours have it that Preity Zinta is studying at Harvard and Deepika plans to join an elite business school. Are you planning anything on the similar lines?

Katrina: No, but I am feeling a bit left behind. I really need to find something to do next! But I am happy with whatever I have.

Swati: Like other B-town couples, do you plan to buy an IPL team with Salman?

Katrina: (Blushes) Well, Salman can buy, but I cannot. Basically, I feel happy with whatever I am doing.

Adapted by: Aman Kanth

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