`I would definitely like to work in Hindi films`

Yves ‘Larock’ Cheminade spoke to spicezee.com about DJ-ing and Bollywood plans.

He is a world renowned DJ, who has some of the biggest dance numbers like ‘Rise Up’, ‘Zookey’ and ‘By Your Side’, to his credit. Meet Yves ‘Larock’ Cheminade – a Swiss DJ and producer, who has extensively toured the world – Europe as well as Dubai, Brazil, Algeria, Morocco, Scandinavia; has finally landed in India, to rock us with his catchy tunes!

Yves is known for his eclectic mix of House, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Electro in his up-tempo chart busters. A must in every club, Yves’ singles are not only a rage but club anthems. Touring India as a part of ‘Bru Ice Capuccino VH1 Handpicked’ property, Yves grooved Delhiities as a part of his three-city tour schedule.

Talking to Spicezee in an exclusive interview with Aman Kanth, Swiss sensation Yves ‘Larock’ Cheminade spoke at length about DJ-ing, upcoming singles and Bollywood plans.
Aman: DJ-ing is quite an unusual profession? What exactly got you into it?

Yves: (Smiles) Honestly speaking, ten years ago, a DJ was only for clubs. Currently, DJs are also producers and music makers. We work to make people happy. We also work on weekends to make people dance.

Aman: Tell us something about your favourite party place?

Yves: I loved all the places where I have performed. Well, my favourite party places have to be Brazil and Portugal. Even Mumbai, where I performed a day back was just amazing… it was crazy!

Aman: One experience that left you really amazed…

Yves: It was in Portugal. Just imagine fourteen thousand people singing ‘Rise Up’ as I go and play the song on the beach.

Aman: If not a DJ, what would you have been?

Yves: Before taking up music, I worked as a biologist in a laboratory. My mother used to say that music is good as a hobby, but you should also take up a profession. Ultimately, my hobby became my profession.

Aman: Tell us about your musical preferences?

Yves: In the past, I loved Hip-Hop. I also listened to Rock n Roll and Soul. Some of the bands, which I like, are AC/DC, Metallica, Placibo and Muse.

Aman: It’s your first trip to India, any plans to travel deep into the country?

Yves: Yes, it’s my first trip to India. I am afraid I have not got much time. I have a busy schedule with back-to-back shows. Apart from being a DJ, I am also a producer, something that keeps me quite occupied. In fact, I would definitely love to see more of India.

Aman: Would you like to work in Bollywood?

Yves: If Bollywood is open, I am ready. Though back in Europe we do not get to see much of Indian movies, yet, given an opportunity, I would definitely like to work in Hindi films.

Aman: Tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Yves: Soon I will be releasing my singles ‘Don’t Turn Back’ and ‘Until Tomorrow’. Besides this, there is so much to add this summer.

Aman: Down the line, how would you like to see yourself – a DJ or something else?

Yves: (Smiles) I would like to be remembered as a music producer, but I enjoy being a DJ more, I guess. (Breaks into a laugh) I think I would like to be remembered both as a DJ and a producer.

Aman: Any message for aspiring DJs and fans across India?

Yves: I would like to say that just make music for pleasure, make music for people and not for yourself. Make people dance to your music!