Imams unhappy with HC ruling, Seer hails it but both want calm

Muslim clerics rallied against the Allahabad HC verdict on Ayodhya title suits saying it should be challneged while Kanchi Seer Jayendra Saraswati welcomed it.

New Delhi: Muslim clerics today rallied
against the Allahabad High Court verdict on Ayodhya title
suits saying it should be challneged while Kanchi Seer
Jayendra Saraswati welcomed it even as both sides appealed for
calm and opposed taking to the streets on the issue.

All India Muslim Personal Law Board said a majority of
its members felt that the HC verdict should be challenged in
the Supreme Court but a final decision on it would be taken at
the Board`s executive committee meeting in Delhi on October

AIMPLB member Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firnagimahli told
PTI in Lucknow that the Board`s 10-member legal committee will
study in detail the High Court verdict in Delhi on October 9
and this will be followed by a meeting of the 51-member
executive committee of the Board to discuss strategies on
challenging the verdict in the Supreme Court.

Maulana Khalid said though Muslims were dissatisfied with
a portion of the judgement and it was being studied by the All
India Muslim Personal Law Board.

However, the Maulana suggested it would be better if
leaders of the two communities sit together for an amicable
solution before moving the Supreme Court.

He asked the community members to maintain peace said
Ayodhya verdict should not be taken as victory or defeat.

Addressing a gathering during Friday prayers at the Jama
Masjid in Delhi, its chief cleric Syed Ahmed Bukhari said "we
are unhappy with the court verdict. The decision should be
made by the Muslim public in the open. We do not accept the
decision made in a closed room", he said.

He said the verdict turned out to be a "settlement" and
"partition" suit rather than a title suit.

However, Bukhari urged the community members to maintain
peace and not take any step to spoil the peaceful atmosphere.
Clerics at key mosques in Lucknow also asked Muslims to
maintain peace and not to heed rumuors as both the parties
have the option to appeal in the Supreme Court.

"The Muslim community should take a decision on Ayodhya
as a court`s verdict. There is no need to create any dispute
or to take to the streets to protest," Shahi Imam of Tile Wali
Msjid Maulana Syed Shah Fazl-ur-Rehman Waizi said before
Friday prayers.

"Muslims should keep patience. Even Allah had said that
those who keep patience emerge victorious. We appeal both
the parties to keep this issue limited to the court," he said.
Similar appeals were made before namaz at other
mosques in Lucknow.

Jayendra Saraswati said the court ruling has paved the
way for a negotiated settlement of the issue.

"The judgement has resulted in dividing the land into
three parts. The Sriram temple can be built in the required
acreage only if all parties amicably discuss the matter and
adopt a give and take policy," the Hindu seer told reporters
in Kanchipuram.

Jayendra Saraswati, who had once played a mediatory role
in a bid to resolve Ayodhya issue outside the court, said the
parties to the discussion could be religious and Mutt leaders
and Sankaracharyas, All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Waqf
Board, the Nyas (under Nrthya Gopaldas) and the Akhara sect
(to whom one part of the ground has been decreed).

"The important thing is that peace should prevail and
negotiated settlements must slowly begin", he said.

The Syro Malabar church in Kerala said the high court`s
decision to distribute the disputed land among the three
groups was welcome as it permits both religious groups to have
their places of worship.

"This is in the spirit of our secularism which
accommodates every religion and nurtures our culture of mutual
respect and brotherhood," Church spokesperson Father Paul
Thelekat said in a statement here.

He, however, said there is a possibility that the
judgment is seen as "legitimising the destruction of the Babri