Iran threatens global security: US

Iran poses a big threat to the global security, the White House said,

Washington: Iran is a threat not only to the
security of the US but also to the Middle East and other parts of the world, the White House said, against the backdrop of
the release of secret US documents by WikiLeaks which showed
that the countries in the region feel threatened by Tehran`s
nuclear ambitions.

"They (Iran) are a threat to our security; they`re a
threat to Middle East stability; they`re a threat to countries
throughout the world not because our diplomat told some other
country`s diplomat, hey, Iran is a threat," White House
spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

"Iran is a threat because of their pursuit of not a
peaceful nuclear power programme but an elicit nuclear weapons
programme. Those are common interests that we share in
ensuring that a country like that doesn`t have the ability to
make progress on that programme," he told reporters at his
daily news conference.

It is obvious that countries throughout the world,
including in North America, Europe and the Middle East
"understand the threat that a nuclear Iran poses, again, not
because we said it was a threat but because they recognize,
either for regional stability or overall global stability,
that dealing with their pursuit of a nuclear weapons programme
is a grave concern not just to us but also to them," he said.
Separately, State Department spokesman P J Crowley said:
"We all see a danger with the direction that Iran is
on. We want to see Iran change direction and play a more
constructive role in the region and around the world and live
up to its international obligations."

"We are fully engaged with Saudi Arabia and many other
countries. We all see the danger posed by Iran in a similar
way," he said.

Earlier, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the
stories coming in the media, based on leaked cables, show that
America`s concern about Iran is well-founded.
"I think that it should not be a surprise to anyone that
Iran is a source of great concern, not only in the United
States; that what comes through in every meeting that I have
anywhere in the world is a concern about Iranian actions and
intentions," Clinton said.

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