Is sugarcane juice a health drink?

Sugarcane juice is the latest food believed to cure diseases like jaundice, providing strength to heart, eyes.

The sweet liquid squeezed from sugarcane is the latest food fad here as it is believed to cure diseases like jaundice, help in fighting breast and prostate cancer, maintaining normal kidney function and providing strength to the heart, eyes and the brain.
But science suggests that all these claims are baseless. When questioned about the purported miracle properties of raw cane juice, Roger Clemens, professor of pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences at the USC, told the Los Angeles Times: "No studies have proven these health benefits."

When asked whether raw cane juice could help soothe a sore throat or energise the body, he replied: "I`ve been working in this field for 40 years, and I`ve never seen any evidence for any of this."

What about so-called alkalising properties that can help fight breast and prostate cancer? "Nothing in science backs it up," said Clemens.

How about raw cane juice as an energy drink - maybe it could, at the very least, serve as a pick-me-up to get you through the 4 o`clock slump at work?

"There`s a difference between nutritionally rich and calorically rich. The bottom line is there isn`t any scientific evidence to support these purported claims," Clemens said.

So, drink raw cane juice if you like the taste, but don`t expect miracles. Or much at all.


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