It’s a ‘do or die’ movement, says Hazare

Anna Hazare refused to end his fast unless the govt yielded to his demand for the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Continuing his unrelenting demand for the enactment of anti corruption Jan Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare refused to end his fast while addressing a rally in Delhi at Jantar Mantar on Thursday saying that it’s now a do or die movement.

As his fast-unto-death entered the third day, Hazare pressed on with his commitment of getting the Jan Lokpal Bill passed saying that the ‘government has to pay heed to the voices of thousands of people’ who were supporting him in his mission.

Slamming the government, Anna went on to compare the politicians with alcoholics who often lose track of what to do and what not, saying that politicians were in a constant inebriated state due to the intoxication of money and power.

Stressing that all the wrongdoings get committed in the name of ‘confidentiality’ he reminded everyone how he had played a major role in getting the powerful RTI Act implemented.

“The British looted India in the name of confidentiality. So, when they left in 1947, Indian government had to get RTI implemented right away, but they did not... So I campaigned strongly and got the RTI act into operation,” said Anna.

Pointing towards the profusion of scams churning out these days, Anna Hazare said that those guilty of corruption must be taken to task. So much so that, he also mentioned such culprits should also be taken to gallows besides awarding them life imprisonment and rigorous imprisonment.

“Now-a-days many scams like Adarsh, 2G, CWG, etc. are tumbling out, but no one is being put behind the bars. All culprits must be taken to dungeons, RI, even gallows. Many would ask me that being a Gandhian, how I can be in favour of capital punishment. For in present days we will also have to look up to the likes of Shivaji Maharaj,” stated Hazare.

Re-emphasising the significance of the anti-corruption Jan Lokpal Bill, Anna said, “The bill would ensure faster and proper action against the corrupt ones.”

With thousands of people thronging Jantar Mantar, the support for Anna from the masses is overwhelming. Jantar Mantar is reverberating with the slogans and chants hailing Anna Hazare.

Children and students were seen sloganeering holding placards and banners which had “We are all Anna” printed on them.

Expressing his happiness on seeing so many in his support, Anna Hazare said, “I have no words to express my thanks. I request you all to maintain peace, till the fast goes on.”

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