Laugh your way to health!

We all know that laughter is the best medicine. So, enjoy laughter whole-heartedly.

Preeti Panwar

We all know that laughter is the best medicine. So, all of us should enjoy laughter whole-heartedly. It works best as a stress buster. According to the experts, “Laughing exercises the heart as well as the lungs. When one laughs, the heart rate goes up and the brain is relaxed.” So, laughter has innumerable benefits for one’s health; it has also been medically proved by the doctors. Laughter helps us combat depression, anxiety and illnesses.

The man behind “World Laughter Day” is Dr Madan Kataria. Since January 11, 1998, this day is dedicated to laughing.

In the present fast-paced world, when people hardly get any time to socialize citing their busy schedules, laughing out loud, it seems, has been forgotten.

Many people succumb to smoking, alcohol and even drugs to escape from daily stress. But, it’s a myth that these help you relax. These habits are in fact fatal in long term.

If one seeks to stay healthy and forever young, then laughing is surely the best way to achieve this. Laughing costs nothing, while medical bills burn a hole in your pocket. So, why spend your hard-earned money to pay medical bills… right!

It’s all in the mind and a simple smile will work wonders for you in the long run.

In addition to health benefits, laughter also perks up the mood. There are times when you feel low or don’t feel good, and then a one-minute laugh can bring cheer on your face.
Sometimes, even a pleasant smile helps a lot in breaking the ice with someone you don’t feel comfortable with or one who is just an acquaintance. Smiling can surpass the boundaries and set up a platform for communication to progress.

In ancient times, people used to laugh around 18 minutes a day; but in the present time, people on an average laugh for not more than six minutes. Perhaps, people have forgotten to laugh. Because of the urbananisation and taxing schedules, people prefer to be by themselves and limit themselves to modern gadgets. Ultimately, there is little or no conversation. So, the comfort level that wide, open-mouth laugh creates is missing.

More than 70 percent of illnesses are related to stress. The need of the hour is to laugh out loud today.

According to experts, children can laugh up to 300-400 times in a day, but as they become adult this frequency drops to 15 times a day.

According to a research, open-mouthed laughter is most appealing. Conversely, a closed-mouth laugh such as a snigger has the opposite effect. Eventually, all it takes is to hear that happy sound to feel happier.

These days many, schools, colleges and companies encourage their students and employees to laugh. We must thank God that we have comedy films and serials which make us laugh and also entertain us.

So, enjoy laughing with others, but make sure that you don’t laugh at others. Also, stay away from ill-timed laughter that may hurt someone.

Now, do take some time out of your busy schedule for yourself and laugh out loud...!

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