Learning is now fun and interactive with `Classpad`

Marking a remarkable shift in education, teaching is poised to undergo a digital change with a new generation classroom tab called `Classpad`.

New Delhi: As educational innovations transcend the boundary of classroom teaching, learning is no longer destined to be a monotonous task within the four walls of a classroom but a fun and interactive activity.

Marking a remarkable shift in education, teaching is poised to undergo a digital change with a new generation classroom tab called `Classpad`, which relieves students from the cumbersome task of group learning and jotting down lessons on paper and, at the same time, helps teachers redefine the outcome of teaching.

"The Classpad has been created to fill the gap between students and teachers that has been obstructing education for long. It has personalised education in which every student participates, perceives and responds to the classroom lessons according to his/her individual intellect," said Rohit Pande, CEO and Co-founder of Classteacher Learning Systems (CLS) that has developed the gadget.

At the same time, the gadget helps teachers go a step ahead of the conventional method of group teaching and give undivided attention to each student by reaching them individually through the Classpad.

Using the Classpad, teachers can transfer class work to the students` tablet, share their own content instantly and conduct tests.

"As the gadget comes equipped with the software that tests students` problem solving, creativity and application of language skills, teachers can also assess a student`s strength of learning and assimilating things," Pande said.

Asked about how is the Classpad better than the government-sponsored Akash tab, Pande said, "The Classpad focuses on its applications rather than hardware unlike the Akash tab, and thus makes it user-friendly."

"Seven-hour battery life, 1.3 Ghz processing speed and a built-in memory of 4 GB expandable up to 8 GB also makes it more robust and powerful solution fit to bring fundamental change in education," Pande said.

In addition, the Classpad has an in-built intelligence facility which can help categorise students as fast, average and slow learners, he said, adding that the students of Class 3 to 12 can exploit the gadget to learn better.

Buoyed with the response to the gadget after deploying 1,500 Classpads in different schools, CLS is providing about 4,000 Classpad tablets to Father Agnel Schools in Gautam Nagar, New Delhi and Noida.

Asked about the response to the Classpad, Fr J Alarico Carvalho, Principal, Father Agnel School, said, "The gadget makes possible anytime teaching, anytime learning as it helps students carry the classroom transaction with them anywhere and learn anytime by revising the content in which their parents can also participate."

Father Carvalho, however, warned against the idea of removing pen and paper from the classroom altogether as it would be the biggest damage done to education.

Commenting upon teachers` response to the gadget, he said teachers would have cold feet as they fail to contextualise it in terms what they had learnt, but the Classpad has come to them with no choice, therefore intensive programmes were undertaken to help teachers learn its use.

Calling it a different era altogether, Pande, a graduate from IIT-Delhi, said, "By giving the Classpad to the students of 21st century, we have handed over technology in the right hand.”


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