Life support system for fighter pilots!

Indian defence scientists developed an integrated life support system for fighter aircraft pilots.

Bangalore: Indian defence scientists have developed an integrated life support system (ILSS) for fighter aircraft pilots, joining a select band of advanced nations having this technology.

"An ILSS for fighter aircraft is a state-of-the-art technology that enables a fighter pilot to venture to the limits of the aircraft capability in terms of flight altitudes and G-forces," DRDO said in a statement here today.

"This technology had till now been the hallmark of the few highly advanced countries," it said.

"Now Defence Bioengineering and Electromedical Laboratory (DEBEL) Bangalore, under DRDO, has taken a lead in this technology that, to start with, will go into Tejas aircraft.

"The engineering model of ILSS prototype has been rolled out from DEBEL by Dr W Selvamurthy of DRDO.

The ILSS has been handed over to Dr P S Subramanyam, Tejas
Programme Director, Aeronautical Development Agency, for
fitment and further trials.

The ILSS, can later be customised to the needs of other Indian aircraft capable of long duration flights such as MiG-29, SU-30 and Mirage-2000, DRDO said.

ILSS essentially performs the tasks of protecting the pilots against the extremes of altitudes, severe G forces imposed during aerial combats and also provide breathing 100 per cent oxygen in the case of ejection from aircraft.

The On-board Oxygen Generation System (OBOGS) keeps the oxygen status of pilots always to the sea level condition despite being at high altitudes.

It enables the aircraft to undertake long endurance task, free from the burdens of recharging oxygen.

The Demand Oxygen Regulator ensures that oxygen is delivered as per requirement at various altitudes and also during anti-G straining manoeuvres (AGSM) that the pilot undertakes during combat operations.

An anti-G valve renders adequate G-suit inflation pressure to prevent G-induced loss of consciousness.

There is a unique electronic control unit that ensures proper OBOGS functioning with changing altitudes, monitoring the ILSS and also activates the back-up system in the case of any failure.

It is a unique technology that takes care of both single and dual pilot operations, the statement said.