Long-lost photos of Queen `found`

The photos include portraits of the Queen, the Shah of Iran and the Sultan of Brunei.

London: Long-lost photos of the British Queen, used for the design of her head on stamps, and other royalty including the late Shah of Iran and Sultan of Brunei, have been found.

According to `The Sun`, the photos -- which include the portraits of the Queen, the Shah of Iran and the Sultan of Brunei, have actually been saved from a bonfire of junk. Those were among hundreds of old black and white images.

In fact, Andrew Binks, 47, was giving his house a clear-out when he had one final look in a box of old papers destined for the flames. He was stunned when he delved to the bottom and pulled out the historic photos along with sketches.

Andrew has since been told they are worth thousands.

He was quoted by the British tabloid as saying, "It`s amazing -- I was going to chuck them on the fire."

He was given the box stuffed with yellowing newspaper clippings seven years ago when he went to a house clearance sale and paid a fiver for some old maps.

Andrew, who works with the disabled in Southport, Merseyside, said: "I thought I might sell the maps for a bob or two but the rest looked like a box of old rubbish."

Among them were pictures taken by top photographers Sir Cecil Beaton, Dorothy Wilding and Anthony Buckley.

Andrew plans to sell them to fund a disabled workshops charity he has set up, Project 10.


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