Love in times of recession

Excellent weather, red roses and romance in the air. You guessed it right. Its Valentine’s Day again.

Sharique N Siddiquie

Excellent weather, red roses and romance in the air. You guessed it right. It’s Valentine’s Day again. It is that time of year when the feeling of being in love surpasses all other emotions and a proud display of it can be witnessed across the length and breadth of the earth.
But this time, the world is different. This is the world that is witnessing one of the biggest financial crises in history. And this grave situation is surely going to impact one’s love life.

So it is an opportunity, to do a reality check, to find out whether your love is recession proof or is it going to succumb to the financial meltdown. It is also the time when one can positively think about love, affection, care and commitment in relationships beyond expensive gifts.

The world is a strange place that changes with the blink of an eye. Gone are the days when a ‘Romeo’ would die with his ‘Juliet’ or a ‘Sohni’ would plunge into a river with a pot to meet her ‘Mahiwal’.

Today, one needs to book a table in a posh restaurant for the first date and then keep booking different tables in different posh restaurants for the coming ones.

But think of the current scenario, when people are losing their jobs in herds, is it possible to continue this trend?

It is here that lies the ultimate test. Will the person you are so much in love with, understand your limitations and is he/she ready to stand by you in these trying times?

I am sure that there are relations that will survive the onslaught of this recession monster, and I am equally sure that there are relations that are going to succumb. But let me tell you guys that it is a win-win situation both ways. If your love survives, it proves your partner’s commitment and if it dies, then it shows the worthlessness of the relationship; and the sooner you know of it the better it is for you.

Now, let’s get on to the next point…about how to celebrate the festival of love without putting unnecessary burden on your economy. So, make sure you don’t add anything to its woes.

First and foremost, don’t spend unnecessarily on flowers. They look better on plants than in a bouquet. You should also remember that flowers are too expensive especially on Valentine’s Day and by the way, your girlfriend is not less than a beautiful rose, so why give her competition?
Chocolates are one of the most sought after gift on Valentine’s Day. But there is no rule that one can only gift Ferrero Rocher. Settle for our good, old Cadbury this time. And don’t give too many. Remember, chocolates have too much calories. Do you want your girl friend to put on weight?

Hiring a car or even an auto is a bad idea. Why spend so much money on travelling when you can always use public transport system? Let the whole world witness that you guys are in love. It’s your day after all. And if you don’t fear anyone, then what difference will fellow commuters make.

There is no point in buying a greeting card with “I LOVE YOU” written on it. These words are precious, so why not say them yourself. Some people might argue that there are quotes written on them which convey the feelings, but folks, they are written by somebody else who doesn’t have the slightest idea about your relationship. It is always better to express your emotions in your own words, saving a lot of money in the process.
Your love and affection is the best gift for your spouse so it doesn’t make sense to spend thousands on diamond rings or necklaces and iPods etc. Just give your companion your total commitment and love and he/she would be the happiest person on the planet. You can always invest these savings in the plunging share market to make your contribution in stabilizing it.

Dining at an expensive restaurant is also not a very feasible option. The best thing that you can do is to invite your partner over to your place and either of you can cook. Remember, there is nothing better than home cooked food. Still better, you both cook together, so that your bonding becomes stronger and you learn to share things. An added advantage is that you can always steal some cozy moments in the comfort of your home without burning a hole in your pocket.

You can blindly follow these tips to take some burden off your salary.

May God bless you! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!