Maoists give call to boycott Assembly polls

Maoists on Monday called for a boycott of Assembly Elections in poll-bound states terming the exercise as a `farce`.

Updated: Apr 11, 2011, 20:58 PM IST

Kolkata: Maoists on Monday called for a
boycott of Assembly Elections in poll-bound states terming the
exercise as a `farce`.

A statement issued by Abhay, spokesman of Maoist
Central Committee, here said, "While the people are facing
corruption, price rise, poverty, hunger, unemployment, loot of
resources, displacement, destruction of ecology, parliamentary
parties are engaged in a contest to capture power by hook or

"They (political parties) are indiscriminately using
money power, muscle power, identities like caste and religion
and are vying with each other for votes. Millions of rupees
have been poured down the drain just to buy votes," the
statement said.

Lambasting CPI(M) of carrying on a `fascist rule` in
West Bengal for the past 30 years with the help of `comprador
capitalists`, the statement said parties like CPI and Forward
Block which are sharing power have been exposed for continuing
with the Left Front alliance and taking up anti-people

It also alleged that Trinamool Congress chief Mamata
Banerjee was cashing in on the dissatisfaction among the
people with CPI(M). "Whatever she (Banerjee) may promise
today, once in power her rule is not going to be basically any
different from that of CPI(M)."

"So the only way for the people of Bengal is to
boycott these sham elections and to build peoples` struggles
with inspiration from the glorious spirit of the people of
Lalgarh," the statement said.

The Centre, it said, had deployed 600 out of the total
800 companies of security forces in the five poll-bound states
were deployed in West Bengal, where the Maoists were
`relatively stronger.` These forces along with `harmads`
(armed goons) of CPI(M) were perpetrating atrocities and
violence on the masses.

Referring to poll-bound Tamil Nadu, the statement said
Jayalalitha was doing there what Banerjee is trying to do in
West Bengal.

"AIADMK under Jayalalitha`s leadership is trying to
come to power by hook or crook utilising the dissatisfaction
among the people towards DMK."

In Kerala and Assam the ruling parties are bogged down
by corruption. Meanwhile, voting for elections in Assam ended

"A country which calls itself a democracy should
honour the right not to vote along with the right to vote,"
the statement added.