Meet Ecci, world`s most advanced robot

Ecci is the first ever robot to have `muscles`, `tendons` and `bones`.

London: A team of scientists at the University of Zurich have created the world’s most advanced robot.

Ecci- short for Eccerobot- is the first ever robot to have “muscles”, “tendons” and “bones”, which helps it in movement, and are made of a specially developed plastic.

And to top it all, it also has a brain with the ability to correct its mistakes - a trait previously only seen in humans.

Ecci, which in Latin means Lo or Behold, uses a series of electric motors to move the joints the tendons are connected to.

And a computer built into the brain of Ecci allows him to learn from his mistakes.

“It opens up a lot of possibilities but in particular it will help us to understand better how the human moving apparatus works – a complicated task,” the Daily Mail quoted Rolf Pfeifer, who is director of the laboratory for artificial intelligence at the University, as saying.

``If we can make a robot hand operate like ours then it opens up all sorts of possibilities for artificial limbs. It would also mean a robot that moved like a person could take over some of the jobs done by people where human hands are needed,” added Pfeifer.


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