Molecules to treat type II diabetes discovered

A novel molecule for treatment of type II diabetes - GKM -001 has been discovered.

Mumbai: Tata Group promoted, Advinus
Therapeutics, announced the discovery of a novel
molecule for treatment of type II diabetes - GKM -001.

It is the first Glucokinase modulator discovered
and developed in India.

The molecule is an activator of glucokinase; an enzyme
that regulates glucose balance and insulin secretion in the
body. GKM-001 is indigenously developed molecule and the
initial clinical trials have shown excellent results for both
safety and efficacy, the company said in a statement here.

"Considering past failures of other companies, our
discovery program primarily focused on identifying a molecule
that would be efficacious without causing hypoglycemia; a side
effect associated with most compounds developed for this
target," Advinus Therapeutics MD & CEO, Rashmi Barbhaiya said.

Recently completed Phase I data indicate that Advinus`
GKM - 001 is a liver selective molecule that has overcome the
biggest clinical challenge of hypoglycemia. GKM-001 is
differentiated from most other GK molecules in development due
to this novel mechanism of action, Barbhaiya said.

We are very proud that GKM-001 is 100 per cent Indian.
Advinus`s discovery team in Pune discovered the molecule and
entire pre-clinical development was carried out at our centre
in Bangalore, he said.