More Great Wall remains found in NW China

Many Great Wall remains have been found in the territory of Qinghai Province in northwest China.

Updated: Mar 21, 2011, 15:27 PM IST

New Delhi: Scientists have discovered many Great Wall remains in the territory of Qinghai Province in northwest China after more than two years of field investigation.

Ren Xiaoyan, a researcher with Qinghai`s Archeological Institute said the discoveries included a 480-m-long wall section, 51 beacon towers and 158 pass towers, reports Xinhua.

Construction of many of the remains started in Qin and Han dynasties dating back to some 2,200 years ago and finished in late Qing Dynasty that ended in 1911.

Some of them could hardly be identified now due to serious weathering, said Xiaoyan.

Qinghai has already found 360 km of Great Wall built during Ming Dynasty and the campaign of searching for other Great Wall remains began in 2009. (ANI)