Motorola smartphone to recognise your fingerprint

It`s a phone, a laptop, a PC and recognises its owner by his fingerprint.

London: It`s a phone, a laptop, a PC and recognises its owner by his fingerprint. Motorola`s ATRIX is being marketed as the world`s most powerful smartphone packed full of tech wizardry "any aspiring spy can be proud of".

The ATRIX smartphone can be plugged into a range of docks that convert it into a laptop, personal computer, media centre, or a sat-nav, the Daily Mail reports.

It is the first smartphone to operate with fingerprint recognition to ensure it can only be activated by the genuine owner.

The owner swipes his finger on the touchscreen a number of times when the smartphone is fresh out of the box for it to identify him as the authorised user.

From that point on, every time he touches the power button it will recognise the fingerprint and approve operation.

Motorola spokeswoman Nicola Shenton said: "This really is the ultimate smart phone for gadget fans packed full of tech wizardry and features that any aspiring spy would be proud of."

There is an eye-catching `lapdock`, which looks like a slimline laptop but has no computer processor. Here the phone sits in a cradle while the dock is used like a normal laptop.

A second dock turns the phone into a home computer. It connects the handset to a screen via a cable, while it has a number of USB ports and Bluetooth wireless links to a full-size mouse and keyboard.

The ATRIX software, called `Webtop`, then allows the keyboard, mouse and screen to be used as a full-size computer, including the sort of internet browser normally found on a home PC.

The ATRIX has a dual core processor, which allows for fast operation, two antennae for simultaneous downloading and uploading from the web, plus a large on-board memory.

Other benefits include a four-inch high-definition screen, a five mega-pixel camera and a video camera on the front for video calling.

Jeremy Marks, of Spymaster, the leading professional suppliers of security equipment, said: "This type of technology offers consumers a new level of security surpassing anything we have seen before on a smartphone."

Some websites are offering the handset only, without any Sim card, for 435 pounds.


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