Net (Gen) says India is extremely corrupt

Netizens are mighty describing India as an extremely corrupt nation.

Pankaj Sharma/ Zee Research Group

Netizens in the country are mighty upset with the government with 92 per cent of them describing India as an extremely corrupt nation.

The resounding no against corruption came about loud and clear in an online survey conducted by anti-corruption watchdog, the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). Its technology supported initiative launched the five question survey on the website ‘Blow Your Whistle’ (

A Zee Research Group (ZRG) analysis of the responses elicited by the website revealed that while 90 per cent of internet users believe Lokpal is the need of the hour for India, 88 per cent users believe corruption is enormously rampant in state police recruitments. India, which had around 81 million Internet users till last year, is expected to reach 237 million users by 2015.

The survey results labelling India as an extremely corrupt nation comes in the wake of the countrywide stir against corruption led by social activist Ana Hazare. The website survey in its question on Lokpal did not however list out various options including Jan Lokpal mooted by Hazare camp but merely asked whether or not Lokpal was a viable solution.

The CVC online survey aimed to decipher corruption and the causes behind the curse raising questions in this regard. On the question of increased allegations of graft cases in judiciary the response pointed to corruption being an eternal part of judiciary. 73 per cent of people voted for the question arguing that corruption was extremely rampant in Indian judiciary.

On the question seeking to trace the genesis of corruption in India, 54 per cent argued that corruption was a cultural trait in India. This would in turn deflect excessive focus on either individuals or a particular party.

The CVC survey result has led to public policy experts raising a finger against the government and its handling of the corruption issue. Ex-finance secretary and an activist for good governance, EAS Sarma said the survey reflected the “low credibility of the government”. He complimented the CVC for the survey and said the government should itself conduct such surveys and face the truth.

However, a Bangalore based NGO, Janaagraha hailed government’s effort for conducting this poll. Spokesperson TR Raghunandan said, “This poll shows that the government is seriously concerned about the upsurge of popular anger against corruption.”

“In accordance with the UN Convention against corruption the government must take immediate action to strengthen existing laws and enact new laws, to create a comprehensive legal system to curb corruption,” he added.

Senior society leaders drawn from various walks of life last week wrote to the government charging that “we, the people, the common individual, seem to have no recourse in our daily life which is vitiated by corruption in almost every sphere of our normal dealings”. The letter signed by Deepak Parekh, N Vaghul, Azim Premji and Dr Ashok Ganguly among others said, “Almost every interface of the common man with public officials is impaired by corruption, especially in the most routine transactions, such as the grant of ‘pattas’, issuing of birth/death certificates, utility connections and availing of entitlements amongst several others.”

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