New fridge developed that can store vaccines for 10 days

A UK-based company has developed an energy-efficient fridge that can store vaccines for more than 10 days.

London: A UK-based company has developed an energy-efficient fridge that can store vaccines for more than 10 days without any power and help save lives in developing

The refrigerator was designed by Wales based sustainable energy firm True Energy using its patented Sure Chill technology. Sure Chill enables energy to be stored efficiently and provides controlled cooling even during power cuts.

It operates on less than five hours of mains supply a day and, once charged, maintains constant cooling without any power at all.

In order to store vaccine safely it has to be kept at temperatures between 2 degree Centigrade and 8 degree Centigrade.

Use of traditional forms of refrigeration in many parts of developing world is not an option as the power supply is poor, unreliable and power cuts are frequent.

This power-free cooling phase can last over 10 days at ambient temperatures as high as 43 degree C - eight times longer than the nearest competitor.

The innovative machine, which holds 103 litres of vaccines has passed the World Health Organisation`s stringent tests and is now listed on the WHO`s web site, the company said in a release.

Millions of people in developing countries are in need of life saving vaccines. Often, the vaccinations have to be administered in very remote areas and in harsh conditions.

The new True Energy Vaccine Refrigerator is playing a vital role in the distribution of vaccines in some of the most isolated regions of the world, the release said.

Janos Mate, Senior Consultant to Greenpeace International, Political Business Unit, said: "The innovations that True Energy is making in solar powered vaccine cooling
are proving to be hugely beneficial in parts of the world that have intermittent supplies of electricity."

He said: "I applaud True Energy for having proven it can integrate and advance new technologies in cooling products." True Energy`s Chief Technical Officer Ian Tansley, whodeveloped the technology after 6 years of research, said:"It`s thrilling to create a technology that is making a real difference to people`s lives.

"The application of Sure Chill for the storage of life-saving vaccines is extremely satisfying from a personal point of view and will benefit millions of people."

The technology uses an intelligent monitoring system to keep temperatures stable. If it senses any very warm or cold objects, it reacts immediately to extract heat, stabilise
temperatures and protect valuable stock. It cools faster than a conventional refrigerator - even when there`s no power.