New mobile needs no charging for 15 years

The £60 SpareOne basic mobile phone, running on single AA battery goes on sale on March 15.

London: Forget about recharging the £60 SpareOne basic mobile phone, running on single AA battery, for the next 15 years, for use as a backup phone.

The phone goes on sale on March 15. The idea is that you can keep it there without worrying if it`s charged or not. Most mobiles will be dead over time, even if switched off.

The SpareOne can be pre-programmed for instant access to phone numbers of key contacts, including the relevant emergency services in any location, a newspaper reports.

As the phone`s developer, XPAL Power, says: "It`s essentially designed to make and receive the most important calls, no matter what."

The SpareOne`s is also able to automatically transmit its location via its mobile ID, plus has a built-in torch - and unlike so many of today`s gadgets, it even comes with the AA battery included.

The SpareOne phone is launching at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, priced $49.99; international versions will follow later this year.