New `technology cop` to secure and track your cars

Car owners can now track if their vehicle is being used by others without their permission.

Bangalore: Car owners can now track if their
vehicle is being used by others without their permission and
locate its movement thanks to `Tcop`, a security system that
enables two-way communication betweeen the car and its owner.

Owners and cars could `talk` to each other via the GSM
technology driven device unveiled by Bangalore-based iTrans
Technologies, a two-year old start up company that works on
security technologies for automotives.

Tcop device fitted onto the car enables an owner to be
alerted of an intrusion or theft through an SMS who could then
trigger a burglar siren by sending back an SMS to the device,
Mallesh Reddy, CEO of the company told reporters here.

The company has tied up with Vodafone for SIM card which
is activated in a Tcop, Reddy said.

Unlike the traditional car burglar systems that are
triggered when someone touches the door, this would send the
alert even if someone was trying to break the window pane or
fidgeting with the car. It could also set off a voice call to
inform about the theft.

The device could also through an SMS, alert the owner if
someone in his family or otherwise was using his car without
his permission through an ignition alert. Parents could keep
tab on the car being used by minor children or others.

The owners could also track where their car was currently
located. "The owner could get details of the last 72 hours of
the movement of the car and places it has been to, he said.

It could also be fitted onto school vans or buses and help
parents through SMS to track the vehicles movement. The school
could also have a central data that helps track the fleet of
buses, he said.

Except for the device cost of Rs 7000, there were no
recurring charges for the first year. In the second year an
annual fee of Rs 100 would be charged by Vodafone. Except for
the device, there was no need of any hardware or software.

The company has already tied up with car dealers for
fitting of the devices.

Currently Tcop was available only in Karnataka but plans
were on to roll it out in other states as well and to offer a
roaming package facility for inter-state tracking.

iTrans was also in talks with schools and government
bodies for deploying the device. It would also look at tying
up with law enforcing bodies to deploy the device.

The company aims at a turn over of 7000 units by end of
the fiscal. Currently, it had deployed the device on 600
vehicles including some school buses.

The device was designed indigeneously and produced in a
facility in Mysore and packaged in Bangalore. The device
comprised some imported components, he said.

iTrans also had three more products lined up for launch
including, energy cop to track power theft.


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