No more cycling jobs for doping violators:UCI

World cycling chiefs have adopted measures to prevent anyone violating anti-doping regulations to be employed in the sport.

Paris: World cycling chiefs have adopted measures that would prevent anyone who has violated the sport`s anti-doping regulations to be employed in the sport.

The International Cycling Union`s measure is aimed at cleaning up the sport and providing a healthy environment for professionals to operate.

The measure was one of several voted in at a Management Committee meeting in Masstricht, the Netherlands Friday, and was originally proposed by the Professional Cycling Council (PCC).

It will be introduced on July 1, meaning that anyone found guilty of infringing anti-doping regulations after that date would be banned from working in the sport.

A statement from UCI said: "... the UCI Management Committee approved the introduction of a new article in the regulations ( aiming to prevent anyone found guilty of infringing the Anti-Doping Regulation during his cycling career from obtaining a licence authorising him to take on a role in cycling as a member of a team`s staff.
"This measure - which will most certainly be very important in the medium term to guarantee an increasingly healthy movement for future generations - will come into effect on July 1; it will not be applied retrospectively.

"The UCI Management Committee is fully aware of the difficulties that the adoption of such a measure could imply, but wishes to once again reconfirm its determination to take all steps possible to oppose any form of illegal practice in our sport."

The UCI also ratified the introduction of article 364bis into its Anti-Doping Regulation, which from now on makes the teams responsible for the total costs generated by each doping affair. The costs are currently born by the UCI.

The PCC comes under the aegis of the UCI but represents all the different actors in elite cycling from professional teams to race organisers.

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