Nomad hunters’ home found in UK

Britain`s oldest house, the home of nomad hunters dating back about 11,500 years, has been found.

London: Archaeologists say they have uncovered Britain`s oldest house, the lakeside home of nomad hunters dating back about 11,500 years.

The dwelling predates the country`s famous Stonehenge monument by about 6,000 years and was constructed at a time when Britain was still connected to continental Europe.
Nicky Milner, of the University of York, said today that work began two years ago. She said the find was "a sensational discovery," providing the earliest evidence of carpentry in Europe.

The circular shaped home would have stood next to an ancient lake at Star Carr, near Scarborough, in northeastern England.
A 11,000 year old tree trunk, with its bark still intact, has also been uncovered at the site.