Now, 3rd woman who was seduced by Assange emerges

WikiLeaks founder is at the centre of sex assault allegations by two women.

London: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is at the centre of sex assault allegations by two women, is said to have seduced a third right from under her boyfriend’s nose in Sweden.

Assange, 39, allegedly walked away with the girl, who had arrived with the American journalist, as they all dined together at a Stockholm restaurant.

An American revealed that he had gone out to dinner at Stockholm’s Beirut restaurant with the WikiLeaks Swedish co-ordinator, the co-ordinator’s girlfriend, and the journalist and his English girlfriend.

The journalist claims Assange ignored him and instead focused intently on his girlfriend, even following her out for a cigarette.

“When they hadn’t come back after 45 minutes I went to see what was happening. They were standing very close together a little way down the street, and Julian was whispering in her ear,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

He later saw the two walking hand in hand, and when he challenged Assange, “he dropped into a classic fighter’s pose, with his fists up”.

“Assange seemed to take pleasure in humiliating me,” he added.

The incident had taken place just two days before he had sex with Miss A, one of his two accusers, and five days before he bedded the second, Miss W.


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