Now, a floating mobile that works perfectly under water

Scientists have developed a new floating handset which works perfectly even deep inside water.

London: Ever thought of using a mobile phone while in a swimming pool? Well, you can now fulfil this desire, as scientists have developed a new floating handset which works perfectly even deep inside water.
Dubbed as Tradesman, the new mobile, which costs around 69.99 pounds, is claimed to be the world`s first waterproof and dust-proof smartphone equipped with features such as FM radio, Bluetooth and a torch.

According to its developers, the handset is "virtually indestructible" as it remains fully operational after being dragged behind a vehicle at 120mph, buried in two tonnes of rubble and then left underwater for six hours, the Telegraph reported.

Data Select, owned by Peter Jones of Dragons` Den, worked with British construction equipment maker JCB to make the floating phone, which has been a big hit among Britons.

Jason Kemp, the firm`s marketing director, said: "The Tradesman is the perfect phone for people working outdoors, in the rain, sailing or just accident prone. "Its rugged design means it will also take a hammering that would see lesser phones destroyed.

"Alternatively, it also makes the perfect second phone for those with an active, outdoor lifestyle that don`t want to take their smartphone mountain biking."

According to the firm, more than 50,000 units have been sold within two days since it launched on Tuesday and the company has already received 4,000 advance orders.

Jones said: "We`ve seen huge and rapid growth in the mobile phone market with `smart` phone devices, but if you lead an outdoor lifestyle or work in a particularly rugged environment, these aren`t always suitable.

"These phones operate fine in tough working conditions, and are ideal for people who lead outdoor lifestyle, such as mountain climbing, skiing and sailing."


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