Now, a new way to beat lung cancer!

The therapy has the potential to offer new hope to lung cancer patients globally.

Washington: Scientists claim to have developed a new therapy to beat lung cancer, one of the most lethal types of the disease.

An international team, led by the Children`s Cancer
Institute Australia, looking for a new treatment approach to
childhood cancer found that this new approach was effective in
targeting solid tumours in lung cancer.

The results suggest that the therapy has the potential
to offer new hope to lung cancer patients globally, say the

By targeting a structural protein in drug resistant
lung cancer cells, the therapy aims to increase sensitivity
of the tumour to standard chemotherapy drugs; it uses a gene-
silencing approach, the next wave of cancer therapeutics, to
suppress this structural protein.

"This therapy could advance new ways of approaching
treatment of non-small lung cancer, which accounts for 80 percent of all lung cancers," said Professor Maria Kavallaris,
who led the team.

It is hoped that this therapy will also have
significance for solid tumour cancers in children, such as
neuroblastom, one of the most aggressive childhood cancer,
say the scientists.

The scientists have been working closely with
Benitec Ltd, an Australian Biotechnology Company, to bring
this new therapy from the laboratory bench to the clinic as
soon as possible.

"Gene silencing is looking very promising as the next
wave of therapeutics. We have used this approach successfully
in early stage HIV clinical trials in the US and believe that
this same approach can be used for cancer and many other
diseases," said Dr Peter French, Chief Executive of Benitec.