Now get SMS alerts for kitchen gas leaks

Young innovators have developed a cooking gas alarm to prevent rising kitchen fires.

Orissa: In a bid to prevent rising kitchen fires, a group of young innovators, technologists and
engineers has developed a cooking gas alarm and SMS system to
prevent accidents due to leak either from stove or rubber

Even when no one is at home, the resident gets an SMS on
his or her mobile phone about the impending danger in case of
a gas leak with the help of the innovative gadget put together
by a Bhubaneswar-based company `RoboticWares`.

``We are working to make common man`s life more simple
and secure. We are targeting military, medical, consumer and
industrial sector as a potential market of robots," says CEO
of RoboticWares, Kushal Nahata.

Claiming that some 7,000 people suffer burns every year
due to cooking gas leak, he said fire can be prevented with
the help of remote gadgets which can help switch off the
cylynder after getting an alert.

Another significant addition to the company`s kitty of
innovative products is Remote Video Surveillance known as `Far
Eye` which provides a complete software solution for office or
home security, he said.

"Far eye monitors home or office round the clock,
captures motion event using webcam and saves into compressed
video clips. It enables one to remote video surveillance from
anywhere in the world," said the chief technology officer of
RoboticWares, Gaurav Srivastav.



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