Now, machines to publish their own upgrades

Now, a technical system will enable shared understanding between machines and their users.

Washington: An engineer from the University of Southampton has developed an autonomously operating technical system which enables shared understanding between machines and their users.

Sandor Veres reckons that the best way for autonomous machines, networks and robots to improve in future will be for them to publish their own upgrade suggestions on the Internet.

This transparent dialogue will help humans to both guide and trust them, he says.

The leap to increased autonomy will be facilitated by machines and humans publishing systems information in a common language online, he suggests.

Looking forward, Veres sees the intelligent system discuss its potential upgrades with its users, lifting this burden from users and manufacturers.

Long after their sale, machines will read technical documents from the Internet to improve their performance. These documents can be published not only by their original manufacturer but also by user communities.
"The adoption of a ``publications for machines`` approach can bring great practical benefits by making the business of building autonomous systems viable in some critical areas where a high degree of intelligence is needed and safety is paramount," says Veres


The study was recently published in the Journal of Systems and Control Engineering.


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