Now shower power used to run radio

An inventor has managed to harness the force of a shower to power a micro-turbine.

London: An inventor has managed to harness the force of a shower to power a micro-turbine, which drives a generator to create electricity to run a radio.

Vivian Blick’s H2O Shower Powered Radio fits onto the shower hose and draws its energy from the flowing water.

Blick, 48, managing director of Gloucester-based Tango Group, says the radio, which costs 34.99 pounds, should work in virtually any shower.

A rechargeable battery means it even carries on playing while you’re getting dried and dressed.

“The radio gives users a unique means of listening to the radio in the bathroom without having to worry about the inconvenience that disposable batteries can cause,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

“Creating the micro turbine technology, that allows the radio to operate solely through the flow of water, was the key to our new innovation and thus the world’s first water-powered shower radio was created,” he stated.

Blick was part of the team led by Trevor Baylis OBE, which invented the first commercially available wind-up radio in 1989.

“With the clear sound and excellent reception that the radio enjoys we hope to encourage singing in the shower all around the UK,” he added.


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