Now, try outfits without getting undressed

The ‘magic mirror’ can superimpose new outfits over your reflection.

London: The things we all hate about shopping are the queues for the change-rooms, and having to juggle between hangers, clothes and bags, once inside.

Which is why Britain’s biggest department store chain is preparing to unveil a ‘magic mirror’ that can superimpose new outfits over your reflection, reports the Daily Mail.

John Lewis is working with technology firm Cisco on the equipment, which it hopes to introduce across the country following a trial in its new Exeter store next year.

The ‘mirror’ is actually a sophisticated computer screen with built-in sensors and cameras. When shoppers stand in front of the machine, it scans their body to determine their exact dimensions for sizing garments.

The customer then waves his or her hands in front of the screen to bring up a range of menus in order to select from thousands of items in the chain’s fashion ranges.

Once selected, the clothing is superimposed on top of the reflection.

The machine is even capable of projecting several items over a shopper at the same time, to show how a complete outfit might look with shoes and accessories.