Organic food `has no extra health benefits`

Organic food has no extra health benefits, says a new study.

London: Organic food has no extra health
benefits, says a new study, knocking down suggestions that bio
food is better for people.

A German consumer watchdog, Stiftung Warentest, has
found that people spending up to 70 per cent more on organic
food are getting no more health benefits than those going for
conventional food.

The Berlin-based watchdog claims to have carried out
85 investigations over eight years to come up with an overall
assessment on bio food. "Despite being on average 30 per cent
more expensive, there`s little overall difference in quality."

The study involved tests ranging from baby food
to apple juice and cinnamon. Of 13 organic baby food products
tested, they all rated only in the "satisfactory" range.

The reason was that they actually contained too
little fat and often too little iron for babies’ nutritional
needs. Some 45 per cent of ecological products got a "good"
or "very good" nutritional rating compared to 41 per cent for
conventional foods.

Some 15 per cent of organic foods were rated "poor" --
slightly higher than the 14 per cent of regular products given
such a score, the `Daily Mail` reported.

There was considerable variation among products,
with organic food performing well in some areas but poorly in
others. Organic rape seed oil did not score well, the findings

However, the German research found that three-quarters
of organic produce was pesticide-free while only 16 percent of
regular food was found to have no trace of chemical pollutants.


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