Osama operation: Pak assumed an Indian incursion in Abbottabad

Husain Haqqani said that raid on Osama was presumed as an Indian incursion.

Last Updated: May 06, 2011, 00:26 AM IST

Washington: As US forces entered Pakistani
airspace to hunt down Osama bin Laden without prior
notification, Islamabad went into the process of scrambling
its jets believing that it was an attack from India,
Pakistan`s envoy here said.

Pakistan`s Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani told
the popular Charlie Rose Show on PBS that an Indian incursion
was presumed as Pakistan was not notified about it.

"Absolutely. They should have been because they hadn`t
notified earlier and there could have been some incident. But
then we also have to look at the displacement of our air

"After all, we have always assumed that any area
intrusion into our sovereign territory will come from the
east," he said.

"No, from India," Haqqani said when asked if he was
referring to Afghanistan.

US special forces on May 2 killed bin Laden in
Abbottabad in a covert operation and informed Pakistan only
when its personnel had left Pakistani airspace.

"We have always had that configuration. And actually,
all of this, all of this, the fact that bin Laden was found in
Pakistan, the fact that the Americans were able to conduct
this operation without us being able to act in time," he said.

He said it was not very encouraging that Pakistan was
not informed beforehand even when the US and Pakistan call
themselves allies and strategic partners.

"The fact that the America chose not to tell us
beforehand, even though we are allies and partners and
Secretary Clinton is going to be traveling again soon and we
have a strategic dialogue going on and have the high level
contact and all of that, in the presence of all those facts,
we really have to do a lot of hard thinking," he said.

Haqqani argued that it was not in Pakistan`s interest
to protect bin Laden, a man who ordered terrorists attacks in
Pakistan, killing Benazir Bhutto in one of them, killing
several Pakistani military officers, and actually blowing up
ISI offices in some towns.