Outcome of WikiLeaks positive for Israel: Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has termed the outcome of leaked US diplomatic documents by WikiLeaks as positive for Israel.

Jerusalem: Describing the outcome of leaked
US diplomatic documents by WikiLeaks as positive for Israel,
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the Saudi
King`s offer to attack Iran to destroy its nuclear programme
is a clear vindication of his country`s warnings that the
Islamic Republic is the chief danger to the Middle East.

According to the documents posted online by WikiLeaks,
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia repeatedly urged US to attack
Iran to destroy its nuclear programme.

The King is just one of many Arab voices in the documents
calling for tough action against Iran, proof that Israel is
not alone in its belief that Tehran is a growing menace to the
region, Netanyahu said.

"The greatest threat to world peace stems from the arming
of the regime in Iran," Netanyahu told reporters yesterday,
adding, "More and more states, governments and leaders in the
Middle East and in far reaches of the world understand this is
a fundamental threat."

"Our region has been hostage to a narrative that is the
result of 60 years of propaganda, which paints Israel as the
greatest threat," Netanyahu said.

He also saw the outcome of the leaks as "positive" for
Israel as the Jewish state had been warning of the dangers the
Iranian nuclear programme poses to the entire region.

"In reality leaders understand that view is bankrupt. For
the first time in history, there is agreement that Iran is the
threat. If leaders start saying openly what they have long
been saying behind closed doors, we can make a real
breakthrough on the road to peace," Netanyahu noted.

Netanyahu also mentioned that Israel had worked in
advance to limit any damage from leaks.

"Every Israeli leader has known for years that dispatches
are likely to leak out, so we adapted ourselves to the reality
of leaks," he said.

Despite warnings by the US of possible leak of classified
documents, Israeli leaders maintained calm with some officials
saying that "there isn`t much difference between their official position and what transpires behind closed doors".
Meanwhile, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said
the latest US documents on WikiLeaks are proof of the
transparency of the Palestinian Authority.

The papers said Israel tried to coordinate with the PA
regarding its Gaza offencive in the winter of 2008-09, telling
the Palestinians to be ready to take over the enclave.
The PA rejected the offer, the documents said.

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