`Pak radars were inactive during Osama raid`

Rao Qamar Suleman accepts the responsibility of air surveillance failure.

Zeenews Bureau

Islamabad: Accepting the responsibility of air surveillance failure, Pakistan Air Force Chief Marshall Rao Qamar Suleman said that the country’s air space could not detect the entry of American helicopters because the radars deployed on the western borders were not active on May 02.

The US choppers evidently used radar-evading technologies, plus noise and heat suppression devices, to slip across the Afghan-Pakistan border, avoid detection by Pakistani air defences and deliver Navy SEALs into Osama bin Laden’s lair.

The US covert forces killed the al Qaeda chief in Abbottabad on May 02.

Suleman dismissed the thought that the Pakistani radars were jammed on the day when Osama was killed.

Pakistan Air Force has assured the government that no foreign helicopters or fighter planes would be permitted to breach the country’s air space in future.

The PAF further vowed to shoot down the US drones, if ordered.

It is believed that radars deployed on Pakistan’s eastern border are active 24 hours.

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