Pakistan needs to explain its incompetence: Musharraf

Musharraf said there is no need of American troops in Pakistan.

New Delhi: Terming as ‘embarrassing’ the
revelation that al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was living near
Islamabad, former Pakistani military ruler Pervez Musharraf
has said that "lack of trust" between the US and his country
will have "terrible effects" on the fight against terror.

The ex-President, however, said he is "reasonably sure or
very sure" that the authorities in Pakistan did not know that
the world`s most wanted man was living in Abbottabad.

In an interview to a TV Channel, Musharraf also dismissed as "nonsense"
reports that when he was the President, he was tipped off by
former head of Afghanistan National Directorate of Security
Amarullah Saleh that Laden was in Manshera near Abbottabad.

Asked about CIA chief Leon Pannetta`s comments that
intelligence was not shared with Pakistan on Abbottabad raid
because they could tip off Laden, Musharraf admitted that "if
there is lack of trust, it is bad."

"In my time, till 2007-2008, I know that all operations
conducted in Pakistan, intelligence sharing was there, moving
on to the target. But each and everyone invariably was
attacked by Pakistan law enforcement agencies. This is the
first time that this has happened and I know that there is a
lack of trust since the last, maybe, about a year," he said.

"Lack of trust will lead to lack of cooperation.
obviously, and it`ll have terrible effects on the fight
against terror," he said.

Musharraf said there should be an inquiry by Pakistan
into "incompetence and failure" in the Abbottabad episode.

"More than the world, Pakistan needs an explanation to
itself that how did this incompetence and failure occur? I
think we should answer that to ourself first and nobody has
the right to start demanding (explanation) from Pakistan
first," he said.

"...Investigate. Let the people know, let Pakistan know
and let the world know because here accusations are certainly
there that there was complicity. But I reject that theory, I
reject it because of certain facts that President Obama has
thanked our intelligence agencies, who facilitate leading to
the target. So why has he thanked them?"

"I strongly believe that is incompetence and not
complicity," Musharraf said.

The former ruler, who started the cooperation with the US
in war on terror after 9/11, said there is "no need of
American troops in Pakistan" and "they must leave".

"They shouldn`t have been there in any my time,
we had only cooperated on intelligence level. There were no
troops in Pakistan and now if there are troops, they must not
be there," he said.


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