Past cover-ups at Japan`s nuke plant

The temperature readings for coolants had been falsified way back in 1985.

London: Falsified safety data has been used at Japan`s Fukushima nuclear plant that suffered explosions at three of its reactors following a major earthquake, a media report said Tuesday.

The Telegraph reported that five years back the plant operator was asked to check its data after it admitted that temperature readings for coolant materials had been falsified way back in 1985.

Radiation levels spiked Tuesday after blasts and a fire at reactors in the quake-damaged nuclear plant in northeastern Japan. A government spokesman said the radiation was high enough to affect human health.

The plant`s operator, the Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO), said it feared the reactor containment vessel had been damaged in an explosion in reactor number 2 at Fukushima, home to six nuclear reactors.


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