Plant agents show promise in preventing skin cancer

Certain plant substances found in grapes& berries have shown promise in preventing skin cancer.

Washington: Certain plant substances found in grapes, berries and walnuts, when given in combinations, have shown promise in preventing skin cancer.

The compounds, which occur naturally in a number of plant-based foods, were tested on mice that had been engineered to develop skin cancer, according to a Texas University statement.

"On the basis of our research, supplements and creams or sunscreens may be developed, tested in humans and then used to prevent skin cancer," said Zbigniew Walaszek, associate professor of pharmacology at the University of Texas Health Science Centre.

The natural cancer fighting agents include resveratrol, found in the skin of red grapes and grapeseed extract.

Others are calcium D-glucarate, a salt of D-glucaric acid, which is present in the human bloodstream and in many fruits and vegetables, and ellagic acid, found in a host of berries and in walnuts.

Each of these compounds work in a different way, so giving them in combination is most protective.


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