Priyanka Gandhi ridicules Maya-led UP government

Congress star campaigner Priyanka Gandhi ridiculed the state government for remembering the problems of common people only at election time.

Rae Bareli: Congress star campaigner Priyanka Gandhi on Friday ridiculed the state government for remembering the problems of common people only at election

"I have heard that water has come in the canals only two days ago as if you need water only at election time", Gandhi said at an election meeting here.
"There are electric poles and wires in place but no
electricity, the canals are dry and the fertiliser sent by the
centre is not reaching you", she said adding that development
here is only partial with the centre doing its job but the
state government creating hurdles.

"Have you ever thought that despite your MP Sonia Gandhi
doing so much of work and centre also helping why are we still
backward", she said adding that development is done through
four sides with MP, MLA, Centre and state governments.

"Soniaji tried to bring industries for you and had to
fight with your state government for were for you yet
had to fight your state government for them", she said.

The Congress campaigner said that in the past 22 years
Congress did not get a chance. "You expressed confidence in
the Samajwadi Party but got anarchy...expressed faith in the
BSP but they indulged in in today`s
newspapers as well that the funds meant for health services by
the centre did not reach you", she said.

"Today a chance has come to bring an improvement in the
prevailing situation...Congress has developed the capacity to
form its government in the state so that the region and state
could progress", she said.

Recalling the Congress governments in the state in the
past, she said that people have seen it working...they are
also seeing the UPA government of the centre which has
formulated its policies and programmes for the rights of the

In a reference to a pond dug up in the region through
MNREGS, she said that though the scheme is being implemented
in the state, people are not getting its benefits.

Stressing that change can be brought only when the
politics in the state is dedicated to development, she said
that the basis of politics should be serving the people.

In case a leader does not realise your strength it is
also your duty to make him answerable, she said exhorting the
people to vote for Congress in order to strengthen Congress
and the hands of Sonia Gandhi.