PSU pullouts will be made up through private sector: Kalmadi

Some of the top PSUs may have pulled out of the CWG in the wake of corruption allegations, but OC Chairman Suresh Kalmadi is unperturbed, saying he is confident of making up the deficit through the private sector.

New Delhi: Some of the top PSUs may have
pulled out of the Commonwealth Games in the wake of corruption
allegations, but Organising Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi
is unperturbed, saying he is confident of making up the
deficit through the private sector.

Kalmadi said sponsorship deals in most mega events
come at a late stage and the OC is expecting to get a lot of
sponsors in the coming days.

Asked if he was worried by the pullout of sponsorship
money by the PSUs, Kalmadi said, "Some PSUs have withdrawn but
we have to make up for it by going for private sponsorship. I
am confident we will raise money in excess of target."

"I am sure private sponsorship will come. We have got
response from some (private sponsors). We have around 40 days
left in the Games and most of sponsorship come in last two
three months. So next one month we are going to make a big
effort," he told reporters in an interview.

Kalmadi said the Games will still turn out to be revenue
neutral as the OC expects to meet all the financial targets.

"Our money comes from sponsorship, TV revenue, ticket
sales and merchandise. TV revenue, we are expecting to collect
50 million and we have already reached 30 million. Because of
all this hullabaloo, advertising for the CWG is in focus and
all the TV channels are taking part," he said.

"It is going to be a world class coverage. SIS Live, a
wing of the BBC, along with Doordarshan, is doing live
telecast and the world will watch. About three billion people
are going to watch the Games.”

"We have raised around 700 crore money and have got Rs
1000 crore from the government. It is going to be a revenue
neutral Games," he added.

Kalmadi said he was responsible for only the conduct of
the Games for which the government has given the OC Rs 1600
crore and not for construction delays.

"We are responsible for the 1600 crore we have got. Out
of the 1600 crore, 200 crore goes as taxation, 200 crore for
rental of the OC building, 100 crore for the salary of the
staff, another 100-150 for other things. So actually my budget
is just 1000 crore for organising the Games.

"My job is to bring all the people from other countries,
look after their catering and stay in India, look after all
the 17 sports which are going to happen and they go back in
one piece. We have done in a transparent manner. I am
responsible for that 1000 crore," he added.

Asked about the legacy the Games will leave behind,
Kalmadi said the capital city will benefit from the
world-class infrastructure and become a global city.

"In terms of legacy, Delhi got a new airport. It has
metro trains coming from Airport to Connaught Place to the
Games Village and to all venues. This is not for 15 days of
the Games this is for lifetime of Delhi. Delhi will be a
global city," Kalmadi said.

"From tourism point of view also, the legacy will be
good. Now people used to fly to Dubai, Singapore, Kathmandu or
Malaysia. Now they will come to Delhi. Lots of jobs have also
been created. New hotels are coming up and there were lots of

"Moreover, I have a staff of around 3000, including about
100 foreign consultants. It will be good for Olympic sports
and future events," he added.

Kalmadi advised the citizens of Delhi to shoulder
responsibility and help in delivering a good Games.

"The city will also have to get involved. The citizens
will have to be involved now. They have to stick to lanes
while driving, should not spit on the roads and welcome all
the guests. Citizens will have to take responsibility.”

"We are having the Games after about 28 years. So there
were doubts and people have been raising all sorts of issues.
But I am confident we will have a good Games."


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