Review: A Metro Nightmare

The novel is one of the few books available in the market which deals with the problems of today’s generation without giving lengthy sermons.

The novel is one of the few books available in the market which deals with the problems of today’s generation without giving lengthy sermons. The story as a whole is a fast paced suspense thriller which keeps the reader glued to the novel till the last page. The author has used his life experiences to make the story real and interesting. The story is primarily based in Delhi and Bihar but the author has described many cities in the novel like Kochi,Trichy ,Jamshedpur and Kolkata which appeals to the people who like to travel.
The story starts with a suicide of a young girl named Gauri who jumped to her death in front of a Delhi metro train. The investigation of the suicide is carried out by two police officers –Yahsvardhan and Arjun Singh. At first they suspect that she has killed her husband and then committed suicide. With the help of an ATM card found with the deceased girl they trace the company where her husband Siva worked. They visit the company –NHEL and got the address of his flat. In his flat they found a laptop and some diaries in which Siva has described his past life. They found that he had married to Gauri in a court in presence of two witnesses- Pooja and VPN Singh . Arjun tried to trace the witnesses to know the real story. In the meantime they also found a police report against a person named Rohit against whom the couple had filed a report of harassment. Yahsvardhan delved deep in Siva’s life to find out the truth. Meanwhile in an another plot, Pinki-Yahsvardhan’s daughter is in love with a boy Mithilesh who happened to be college friend of Siva. The past story of Siva dealt with how he had to deal with the parental pressure to succeed in the competitive world but he could not fulfil the wishes of his parents who had very high hopes for him. The story proceeds when he joins NHEl and start preparing for civil services.
Meanwhile there were two love marriages in his family. His eldest brother succeeded since he was a highly paced officer but his other brother had to succumb to the wishes of his parents. Siva also fell in love with a girl who happened to be the sister of the Bhavi just elder to him. However he faced severe objections and also failed to qualify civil services. They married secretly but soon his mother died in mysterious circumstances. When he went to his home he also died and later on his wife committed suicide. While Yahsvardhan was going thorough the investigations he found out the love story of his daughter and Mithilesh. Meanwhile Pooja and VPN also narrated their version of the story to them. Mithilesh and Pinki were hounded out of Delhi. At the end Yahsvardhan and Arjun were able to solve the mystery behind all these deaths and Mithilesh and Pinki managed to convince their parents.
Although the story is a thriller, the author has put forward his views on the love marriage(both inter caste and intra caste) , the undue pressure on the child to succeed in the examinations, the backwardness of his home state Bihar and resurgence of Bhojpuri culture, the reasons behind Saas Bahu friction and male chauvinisms in the society. The story has its own share of love, drama, comedy and action – a perfect material of a bollywood film. All the characters of the novel are well described and all plays important role in the story.
The only weak point of the story is its ending which is abrupt and could have been better. Also some part of the story could be cut short to make it a compact story.

Nowadays market is flooded with the novel having the same old plot- campus love stories with a little twist. The author has tried to do something new in his maiden venture.

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