Riteish is a brat; I am a good girl, says Genelia

Ever since they got married on February 3, actors Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza haven’t really got the time to sit back and enjoy the new life that they have embarked on.

Shomini Sen

Ever since they got married on February 3, actors Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza haven’t really got the time to sit back and enjoy the new life that they have embarked on. With their new film ‘Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya’ scheduled to release on February 24, the newly weds have been on a whirlwind promotional tour marketing their film and interacting with their fans. So much so that they haven’t even gone for their honeymoon yet. “We have to go somewhere, but it will take a while before we can go,” said Riteish.

On Valentine’s Day, in a candid chat with Zeenews.com, they spoke about love, relationship, life after marriage and of course their new film ‘Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya’.

Life after marriage…

The actors who got married barely 10 days back admitted that the feeling had not yet sunk in. “It’s been hectic,” admitted the new bride. “We haven’t yet realised that how it is to live together, because we have been traveling a lot post marriage. Right after the reception, we left for Hyderabad for CCL and post that we have been busy promoting ‘Tere Naal…’ in various cities”, added Riteish.

On characters they portray in ‘Tere Naal..’

Is there any similarity between them and the characters they portrayed in the film? “I am a bit like Mini. I am adventurous, bubbly just like her but I think Mini is a brat and I’m not. I am a good girl. But Riteish is a brat unlike his character Viren. Viren is sweet and very innocent. I mean, Ritiesh is very good at what he does, but his bratiness is not seen in the film,” said Genelia. When Riteish was asked to react, the new husband chose to remain quiet and said, “Women are always right. So yes, I am a brat.”

On being skeptical of playing reel life couple on screen

Rumours had it that the couple was initially skeptical to star opposite each other as many of the real life couples of B-Town haven’t had a successful reel run. The couple denied the news and said, “We were just waiting for the right time and right script. Something that we would really want to do. There have been also great success stories of real life couples in films. From Hemaji-Dharamji, to Amitji-Jayaji and even Ash and Abhishek all have delivered hits on the box office. We just wanted a good script to give our nod.”

On working with a first time director

Genelia who has worked with a bevy of first time directors said it’s lot of fun to work with them. The couple had no qualms that ‘Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya’ was being directed by debutant director Mandeep Kumar. “He knows everything,” said Genelia. “We had confidence on the production house Tips who were backing Mandeep. Since the film is based in Punjab, Mandeep who is a Punjabi, was perfect,” added Riteish.

On Legends Walk

Based on the lines of Hollywood Walk of Fame, Riteish has also started a similar concept called the ‘Legends Walk’ which would have hand prints of almost all major Bollywood stars. “It will open soon, and people will get to experience it and touch the handprints of their favourite stars. It is a tribute from my side, as a fan. These iconic stars have contributed so much to the film industry and this is just a way of appreciating their work,” said Riteish. His wife Genelia pitched in, “It’s a very beautiful concept. I have seen some of the work that Riteish has done on this project and it’s beautiful. It takes that much goodwill and dedication (for Riteish) to do something like this.”

(For more information on Tere Naam Love Ho Gaya, check out the film`s official page on Facebook)