S Korea to spend USD 9.3 million on 3D TV research

S Korea govt will spend USD 9.3mn until 2013 to support research on key 3D TV technologies.

Seoul: The South Korean government has
said that it will spend USD 9.3 million until 2013 to support
research on key three-dimensional (3D) TV technologies.

The plan by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy calls
for funds to be allocated to the development of the so-called
depth camera needed for high-quality 3D images and 4K-level 3D
video processing.

Both technologies are critical for South Korea to
maintain its edge in the world`s high-end TV and video screen
markets that are moving from conventional high-definition
images on light-emitting diode panels to 3D images and

The depth camera can help make 3D TVs that do not
require viewers to wear special glasses, while 4K-level
digital video technology is must to meet growing market demand
for higher definition images on screens. At present, most
movie theaters use 2K-level images that have a pixel
resolution of 2,048 by 1,080.

The 4K technology will have pixel resolution of 4,096
by 2,160, which is roughly four times clearer and sharper than

The ministry said that within the next five years,
most theater screens will switch to 3D 4K images.

It said funds are to be released to qualified
laboratories and companies in the second half of this year,
with depth camera technology to be developed by 2013 and 4K
videos to be created by the end of 2012.


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