Sania Mirza to get gold crown as wedding gift

Sania Mirza will be handed a gold crown as a special gift from the people of Sialkot.

Updated: Apr 14, 2010, 11:24 AM IST

Karachi: Indian tennis star Sania Mirza will
be handed a gold crown as a special gift from the people of
Sialkot, his husband Shoaib Malik`s home town, by a Pakistan
federal minister on his wedding reception on April 15 in

Minister for Welfare and Population, Firdous Ashiq Awan,
who would represent Pakistan government, today said she would
be taking a special gold crown gifted by the people of Sialkot
and a special painting by noted artist Sadeqain as wedding
gifts for Sania.

Sania will also be handed gifts from Pakistan President
Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani at the
wedding reception following her marriage to former captain
Shoaib Malik yesterday.

"I will also be taking gifts from President Asif Zardari
and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani for Sania. I don`t know
what gifts had been given by the President and Prime Minister.
Only Sania will know when she opens the gifts herself at her
wedding reception," Awan said.

Awan said when Shoaib and Sania returned to Pakistan, the
government would hold special receptions for them in
Islamabad, Lahore, Sialkot and Karachi.

"The people of Pakistan are overjoyed that this marriage
has finally happened and they want to celebrate it with the
couple," she said.

The minister thanked his counterpart in the Indian
government for arranging his visit to Hyderabad for the
wedding reception in a short time.

"The Indian minister for population has sent me a special
invitation which has made it possible for me to travel to
India at such a short notice," she said.

Shoaib and Sania marriage has caught the imagination of
every Pakistani with the media giving it extensive coverage
since the news first broke out that the two sporting stars of
Pakistan and India were going to get married.

A dress designer in Karachi, who is also a leading
trader, has prepared a special burqa made with gold-plated
threads to present it to Sania as a gift when she comes to

Thousands of T-shirts bearing the pictures of Shoaib and
Sania with the Pakistan and Indian flags on them have also
flooded markets in Karachi and other major cities.

Siddiq Memon, Chairman of Karachi Traders Action
Committee, said T-shirts had been specially made from China
and Thailand in bulk to meet the demands of the occasion.

Following Shoaib and Sania`s marriage yesterday, there
has been celebrations, dances and sweets distribution in many
cities particularly in Sialkot, the hometown of the cricketer.