Saudi Arabia remains alert over swine flu threat

Around 100 cases of swine flu have been detected by Saudi Arabia in June.

Last Updated: Jul 04, 2010, 14:49 PM IST

Dubai: Around 100 cases of swine flu have been detected by Saudi Arabia, among the pilgrims flying in from Mumbai to the Kingdom in June, the country`s health officials have said.

According to them, vaccination against swine flu and meningitis is still a condition to receive Umrah visas and the vaccine requirement is being maintained despite the global retreat of the virus.

"We have installed thermal cameras at entry points including airports to detect those passengers and pilgrims having high temperatures. Those tested positive to H1N1 would be quarantined," the ministry said in a statement.

Saudi Arabia is also following up World Health Organisation (WHO) reports about swine flu in order to take appropriate action.

The scare of the disease during the previous Umrah season peaked between May and October last year.

The ministry said it distributed more than 200,000 fliers and many posters in various languages during last year`s swine-flu campaign to confront the threat.