Sending US troops to Pak a "55/45 situation: Obama

US Prez said, "we could not say definitively that Osama was at Abbottabad".

Washington: Sending US troops to get Osama
bin Laden in Pakistan was worth the risks, even though it was
still a "55/45 situation," President Barack Obama has said.

"This was still a 55/45 situation," Obama said. "I
mean, we could not say definitively that bin Laden was there.
Had he not been there, then there would have been some
significant consequences," Obama said in a "60 Minutes"
interview on CBS.

The President, however, decided to go ahead despite the

"Obviously, we`re going into the sovereign territory
of another country and landing helicopters and conducting a
military operation," he said. "And so, if it turns out that
it`s a wealthy, you know, prince from Dubai who`s in this
compound and, you know, we`ve sent special forces in, we`ve
got problems."

But Obama said he did not lose sleep over "the
possibility of taking bin Laden out."

54-year-old bin Laden, the world`s most wanted
terrorist, was shot dead by US commandos in a successful
operation in Pakistan`s garrison city of Abbottabad on May 2.

Obama said his biggest worry was that "Murphy`s Law
applies and something happens. "Can we still get our guys

One of the US helicopters crashed early in the raid,
but Obama said there was "a backup plan".

The mission was a closely held secret, with only a
few presidential staffers in the loop, Obama said. "I didn`t
tell my own family."

Top US officials said after the raid that American
intelligence had, but only "circumstantial evidence" that
Osama was living in the targeted compound, but it was
substantial enough to go ahead with the raid.