Software to give 3D image of looks post-plastic surgery

This software will help patients avoid unexpected results in the plastic surgeon`s office.

Washington: A new software, based on real clinical data, will give patients a more accurate 3D before-and-after picture, before the scalpel comes down in a cosmetic surgery.

Alex Bronstein of Tel Aviv University`s department of electrical engineering and his partners have built a tool that can generate an anatomically accurate after-surgery image.

With the help of experienced plastic surgeons, the tool can work like an engine to retrieve geometric objects in the same manner Google retrieves web pages, according to a Tel Aviv statement.

It helps patients avoid unexpected results in the plastic surgeon`s office, and can also help a surgeon determine the most favourable outcome for the patient.

"Our program is more like a virtual mirror. It gives surgeons and their patients a way to see a 3D before-and-after image as though the patient has really undergone the operation," says Bronstein.

Bronstein works with identical twin, Michael Bronstein, and Ron Kimmel from the Technion on the research.

For this application, the researchers applied data from past plastic surgery patients and considered a number of variables, such as the patients` ages and different tissue types.

Now under commercial development, the software will not only show women and men a much more accurate outcome, but also help surgeons achieve more favourable results for their clientele, the researchers say.


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