Spectacles with display to give travel directions

A pair of lightweight glasses which overlay the wide digital content was showcased for the 1st time in Japan.

London: A pair of lightweight glasses, which overlay the wide digital content, such as directions or a travel guide, was showcased for the first time in Japan.
The headgear, created by Olympus and phone-maker NTT Docomo, uses augmented reality software on an attached phone.

While AR glasses are nothing new, this one adds a miniature projecting display without too causing much encumbrance to the wearer.

One arm of the spectacles frame holds a tiny retinal display.

The retinal display projects text and images directly into the user``s peripheral vision, allowing the wearer to maintain eye contact with whatever they are observing normally.

As the glasses are attached to a smartphone with AR software, an acceleration sensor and a direction sensor, the AR Walker knows approximately what you are looking at and provides better information relevant to where you may be.

Tokyo-based technology analyst Steven Nagata praised the cool and light good looks of AV Walker but said he felt the technology needed refinement.

"The promise of a walking, heads up display that would be able to provide important and relevant information about your environment with minimal interaction is the holy grail of mobile technology," the BBC News quoted him as saying.

According to the developers a release date for the AR glasses has yet to be determined.


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